Experience Sunrise at Borobudur!

This Year, we celebrated Ramadan by enjoying the sunrise from Borobudur temple, Magelang, Central Java. The temple was founded in the 8th century AD by the followers of Buddhism, the reign of King Syailendra. This temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world with 72 stupas, 504 buddha statues and 2,657 relief panels.
Borobudur taken within 1 hour from the city of Yogyakarta. watching the sun rise from borobudur takes extra effort by getting up early like 03.00am and left from Andelis Homestay at 3.30am.
Keep in mind, you have to be lucky to see an actual beautiful sunrise. Luckily, today weather was very nice to us, it was so beautiful color in the sky when the sun came up. I think this was a once in a lifetime experience: how often do see the sunrise? It was amazing when we went to another corner of the temple, where there were no tourists, and enjoyed the scenery and the sounds of the call to prayer in silence. As a bonus, i took some beautiful photos from my model, friend also guest Marija Fenech, thank you for stunning pose, you were rock!

There are only two places that I have ever heard of where you can watch Borobudur at sunrise, they are either from Manohara hotel or Punthuk Setumbu Hills. To watch sunrise in Borobudur Temple we have to pay IDR 500.000/pax (entrance fee, sovenir and buffay breakfast) The other option, which is the cheapest option is from Punthuk stumbu Hill, entrance fee is IDR 50.000/pax.
Journey for sunrise starting from homestay at 3.30 am, the journey to the hill probably took between 1-1,5 hours, the distance almost 45 km. Apparently I managed to drive 70km/hours.
Arriving in the entrance of Borobudur temple and saw the sign for Manohara Hotel on our left hand side. From what I read, Punthuk Setumbu hills is located 2,5 km west of Borobudur. You have to turn right on the intersection after passing Manohara Hotel. Then just follow the road, maybe around 2 km, and you will easily find the office of this tourism spot. You need to turn right and drive up a little bit to arrive at the site.
punthuk setumbu hills
Try to arrive at the Pethuk Setumbu Hills to see Borobudur at sunrise at around 5.20 am. You still need to do a short bit of trekking; probably around 10-20 minutes to reach the spot. It’s not a hard trek if you are reasonably fit. The view of the sunrise with Borobudur, Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi in the distance was a great reward for waking up so early and driving so far. The view is very pretty and simply breathtaking.
After having the sunrise sightseeing then you got to be hurry to go down and enter Borobudur sight area, because it opens at 6.00 am, and it is recomended to enter it in early morning when not many tourists arround. Therefore you got enough time enjoying temple privately.
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