Jogja Heritage and Culture

Yogyakarta Culture and Heritage Tour

This tour combines a dramatic performance of Ramayana Ballet, visiting some local production in village and cultural heritage building. From silver smith, batik drawing course and then we bring you to enjoy the show perfomance by group of very tallent dancers, live gamelan orchestra, fire and lightning perfomance with stunning background of Prambanan temple behind the stage. The next day we visiting local production such as Mbah Bilal, the famous old lady who still make brown sugar in her bamboo house, village nearby borobudur area. Guest will witness the process tapping water from the palm tree bthen cooking into final result, brown sugar. after that, guest will be served to taste the snack of bitter nut chips accompanied hot tea with brown sugar. Tour also bring you to visit a local kitchen that produceing tofu to distribute in local traditional market, acknowledging with the workers and the ladies who cooking tofus. Tour will be ended in Klipoh village that known as the central potery maker, knowing the proces how local artists create clay into final product such kitchen ware from potery. Guest also can take a short class creating potery by the help artist.