Travel Tips: Beware of Scams in Mount Bromo!

Scam in Bromo Mountain!
Hi readers, i got so many bad comments about travellers who did Bromo trip. i want you to be aware of the scams if you have plan to visit there, well i could say the trip is worthed, but still you must be careful during your trip.
I post some feedbacks from my guest when they had in Bromo mountain. you can read below:
This is a letter from my guest (Oli and Lina) who got scammed during their trip from Bromo to Denpasar with the bus. Many people say that we should be careful during our trip to/from Bromo mountain, usually because the bus or mini van doesn’t give you a ticket and no exact price how much ticket from Probolinggo – Bromo – Denpasar, also many tour agent will offer you with many different price and package that make you dizzy. This is too bad, because many people love to visit Bromo and some locals depend their life on tourism. It seemed that local government doen’t do anything to make some regulation to arrange proper public transportation that will make easier for tourist visiting Bromo. This is classic problem that also happens in Bali or Magelang (borobudur temple) when mafia transportation (mini van or taxi) involved in it, it’s a big money though. Therefore we really need to dig amount of information about how to get in and out from there with the safest and most efficient way. So let’s begin the story;
The 1st letter:
“We just want to let you know about our journey to Bromo.
First the train ride was fine; we arrived in Probolinggo one hour too late but that wasn’t a problem for us.
Then we were picked up by a “public bus” (we don’t think that this was a public bus because the bus brought us to a travel agency).
At the travel agency they tried to convey us to some hotels but we decided to search for a hotel by ourselves. A few minutes later there was a another “public bus” which brought as finally to Cemorolawang (35.000 IDR/person).
Arrived we decided to check in at Café Lava Hotel (overpriced but for one night acceptable). We booked there also a Sunrise-Jeep-Tour: the tour was great! We were a group of 5 persons so we got a discount (normally 150.000 IDR/person -discount 120.000 IDR/person plus entrance 215.000 IDR/person).
Now we’ll tell you about our trip to Bali (that’s because I’m writing you).
We booked a ticket to Denpasar at Café Lava Hotel (250.000 IDR) which is definitely overpriced but we were to tired to break our way through Bali by ourselves.
At 9.30 am we were picked up by a shuttle bus which brought us to another travel agency.
At 12 am we were picked up by a big bus which brought us to Bali.
– so far so good but now comes the horrible part –
After the ferry and a circa. 2 hour bus ride we suddenly stopped 10km before Denpasar.
There were two guys but especially one who told us that the bus stops here (and that we only booked to this station not to Denpasar) and that all people even the locals who were the majority of the bus passengers should get out of the bus now. But nobody did get off the bus and after circa twenty minutes the guy disappeared.
Then we drove another few minutes till the bus came to a stop again this time circa 6km to Denpasar.
First there were some taxi guys who tried to convince us to come with them (same story another guy).
Another twenty minutes later the ONE GUY came again. He screamed at us and the locals that we should get out now. We all were still on our seats when the guy began to BEAT!!!! some local guys (and it was not just a Clap!!!! this guy totally freaked out and punched the people – even me (Oli) but that was just a little clap).
Probably because I’m a tourist and thank god he didn’t punch any women.
So we get out of this bus and walked to the street a few kilometres away from this “bus station”.
On the street we tried to get a local car to Denpasar but nobody wanted to pick us up. We think they all know exactly what’s going on!!! (Taxi Mafia or something like that). At the bus station there were some police men but they didn’t help anybody of us.
Later we found a good guy with a truck who picked us (Oli, Lina and two girls) up and brought as to Denpasar, to a taxi.
That’s it! And that’s enough!!!
Tell everybody at your hostel planning a trip to Bromo and then to Bali about that. So it may comes to an end sometimes”
2nd letter:
“Yes we also think that they definitely belong together. 
Because the bus driver did simply nothing, he smoked but that’s it. 
When we got out of the bus there were a lot of taxis but we decided to walk away. One of the girls we were with even noticed that one guy had change his car (before the situation it was just a normal car and then he passed us and suddenly there were some taxi signs and such things).
I guess, some locals were so scared that they drove with them. But some other locals walked as well. 
Please tell everybody about it. And mention in your blog that nobody should buy a ticket there, at least not in C*** L*** Hostel. At best they break their way through Bali by themselves. Unfortunately I don’t know any options. Because when somebody uses the train to Surabaya, they also need a bus after the ferry, you know? 
We also wondering every time why they destroy tourism so much. It’s so stupid!!! In Germany we say always that the customer is king and there customers are victims (at least of corruption)”
Yes, they had a horrible experience during their trip to Denpasar, Bali. I was not sure what was happening there (because i wasn’t there) but i assume the bus driver had co-orperate with taxi driver – because bus just dropped passenger near taxi pool – and taxi driver will rip-off your money to bring you to Denpasar. This is a common thing happens whenever you arrive at Probolinggo station or terminal, and then you take the bus to Cemoro Lawang, but the bus will bring you at travel agency, and they will scare you sometimes that it’s really difficult to reach Bromo with your own and push you to book their package tour.
Whenever you book the bus or tour from Bromo to everywhere, just make sure it will bring you at the place you desire. Do not hestitate to question the ticket seller where you’ll be dropped, please sure they make guarantee for that. I hope this article will make you aware about the situation there and prepare for unpredictable scene in the future.