Travel Tips: Dieng Plateu is Worth to Visit!

Dieng Plateu is Worth to Visit!
We visit Dieng plateu on November,actually it was a rainy season already, but we tried to go there very early from Jogjakarta,at 5 am. Arrived at wonosobo on 7.30 am, 2.5 hours trip from Jogja, we had breakfast at Joglo Resto, it nice restorant with view toward mountain sumbing,we love it already. We still have continue 45 minute (depend on trafic) to Telaga Warna (Color Lake) first, the road is stiff but luckily we drove with 4 wheel drive car. at the entrance gate of Dieng Plateu we bought ticket fee IDR 4000/person, and then nearby to Telaga warna we have to buy entrance ticket for 3 places (IDR 25.000/person – local or foreigner is same price) : Dieng theathre, Sikidang creater and Arjuna temple. actually the ticket entrance is quite cheap…I would suggest to visit Dieng theathre first, it’s a place on the top of the hill to see the color lake from above, we still have to pay 5.000 for local and 10.000 for foreigner, the scenery is very beautiful. 

after all,  we went down and visit Color Lake (Telaga Warna) the entrance fee is IDR 5.000 for local, but the price for foreigner is amazing, it’s IDR 100.000 weekday and IDR 150.000 weekend! we will see green lake and some small cave inside,but if you think this is not necesary then don’t have to go there. still Dieng theathre is a must!
3rd destination is Sikidang crater, seeing smoke from crater, the smell of belerang very strong but you don’t need masker.

4th destination is Arjuna temple, in this place we will shown 3 small hindust temples, comparing to Jogjakarta’s temple maybe considered as a small,but still this is a nice place to visit.
5th destination is a Menjeran Lake, if you still have time this is a must place to visit. it is a big lake surrounded by hills and the back side is a Sumbing mountain. It’s a beautiful sight, the fee entrance only IDR 3000/person,and i will suggest you to rent the private boat IDR 100.000/boat max 10 persons. on the boat you can sit on the front side without roof so you can see around of the lake.