Travel Tips: Go to Mount Bromo!

Trip to Bromo Crater

Traveling Mount Bromo from Jogja could be little bit tricky for some people especially tourists because they never know how far Bromo from jogja is and how many times we have to jump from one train or Tour. Below i made some list how traveler pick their trip to reach Bromo Crater, and it will be up to you which way is more convenient.

Trip to Bromo Crater by Train: Yogyakarta – Malang – Probolinggo – Bromo

#Letter 1: Dec 8th 2014 From Severine

Hi Bram,

I give you my information for to go Mount Bromo !!! Since gare station “Malang” i took like a tuk tuk for 35 000 roupie for to go a bus station. After we took a bus for to go at Probollingo we payed 50 000 roupie for 2 but i think it cots less. Arrival at Probolingo we took a mini van for 100 000 roupie for 2 it is expensive because this mini van wasn’t full but the normal price is 30 000 roupie by person . Arrival at bromo we looked for a room we found a room for 125 000 roupie close to Mount Bromo but zero comfort fortunately this only for few hours !!
After good plan we didn’t pay to go up to Mount Bromo because i give you a advice just near to hotel Cemara Indah hotel on the right entrance of the hotel you have a little entrance it is the way the horse and owner and get off the way during 15 minutes and so you avoid the checkpoint and don’t pay !!.
But if you take this option you must to walk 1 hour for up on Mount Bromo and the same for the after day for to see the sunrise we don’t take the jeep you must to up alone leave your hotel about 2.30 or maybe 3.00 am and you have 1 hour walk for up to the first check point for to see the sunrise or 2 hour for the secondly checkpoint.
At final i can’t inform you about the different prices for jeep or the entry at Mount Bromo.
Sorry for the long romance and after my return to bali i try to send you a full information.

Trip to Bromo Crater by Car Shuttle Tour: Yogyakarta – Probolinggo – Bromo

This is Kristina and Leonid. We are just writing you from Bali when we’ve got a message from you) and we’d like to tell you about our journey on volcanoes: Bromo and Ijen. I hope it might be useful for other your guests.
We arrived at Probolinggo with an hour delay. After the train we took a minibus to bus stop for 5 000 idr for 1 person. So we were at bus stop at 5:30 p.m. unfortunately, the last public bus run at 4:00 p.m. Well, a man from tourist information said it us. That’s why I am not sure it is true or not but during our journey to Cemoro lawang we didn’t see any buses. This fare of minibus is 450 000 idr, but we found 4 Indonesian guys who arrived with us on train and was going to bromo too. So the fare for one person was only 75 000 idr.
We had already decided to take a minibus but the man from tourist information offered us a package tour to bromo, ijen and bali for 1 350 000 idr. We reduced fare to 1 200 000 idr.
The tour included ( i wrote you all prices if somebody wants to do by own)
1. Transfer to the hotel (public bus cost 35 000 idr). There was a lot of landslide and a lot of cars couldn’t get to Bromo that day! We met some people who need to return to Probolinggo and found hotel there because the road was blocked. When we went to Bromo, the roadworks had already finished.
2. Night at the hotel Yoshi Guesthouse. Yeap, we didn’t have a choice and went to Yoshi). But the room was clean, nice and we had a comfortable night here. There was warm blanket, clean sheet and good breakfast. The hotel is much better than in the photo! Sure, it’s overpriced because the toilet and shower are public and the room isn’t big but enough for 1 night. And side note, the Hotel Yoshi is far from the entrance. If somebody want to do trip by own, it’s better to go direct to entrance and find local guesthouse.
3. Entrance fee into Bromo (now the fare is 217 000 idr for foreigner)
4. Transfer ( jeep) to sunrise viewpoint and to the Bromo (jeep cost about 400 000 idr for 1 car). And the distance from viewpoint to bromo is very further and it’s very difficult to walk on foot, it took 2-3 hours!
5. Transfer to Ijen
6. Night at the hotel Arabic with breakfast. (the fare is 200 000 idr) We spent only several hours at the hotel and it’s not bad. Very average poor hotel. The supper is very expensive and there is only set for 50 000 idr for 1 person, we had included breakfast but it was only 1 piece of bread, butter and 1 boiled egg. So it’s better to buy product before the journey.
7. Transfer to ijen at night
8. Entrance fee to Ijen and guide (entrance fee is about 100 000 idr and 15 000 idr for camera).
9. Blue fires!
10. Transfer to ferry
11. Ferry
12. Transfer direct to lovina!
So the tour included everything and we didn’t pay any money during the trip. We only paid for supper.
Now about the tour:
it was amazing! Our jeep gave us a lift very early to viewpoint and we could take best places to see sunrise. There were hundreds of people but we were one of the first!=)) You know, it was very exciting and we enjoyed it very much. It’s better to ask driver to pick you up from hotel a bit of early because if your jeep went the last one, you didn’t see much. The best time to be on viewpoint is 4:00 am. Then we got to Bromo by jeep at 7:00 am. And after that lots of jeep went to the hotel immediately when you came back from volcano. Our drive didn’t do that and he drove the other beautiful places where we could take lots of photo and enjoyed the view.
We saw only 5 jeeps which did the same; the others came back to hotel.
We saw everything! And the guide was allowed us to go down directly to the blue fire and workers! So we spent some hours in interior of volcanoes. People who come at sunrise aren’t allowed to go down and they can see it only from distance. It’s not amazing and you don’t see it clear because of fog.
The weather for two days was the best. The stars are shining and the rain was
pouring only in the afternoon.
Our tips: go to Probolinggo by train (I think it’s the best transport) and took tour at the tourist information at the bus stop. Take warm clothes and food, flash lighter, mask for ijen (there is not fresh air and it can be difficult to breath). If somebody takes the tour, they must to ask men to write on details on the bill. It helped us a lot to clear some moments with drivers because the driver on Bali didn’t want to get us to Lovina and we had to use our bill and showed him that we paid everything direct to lovina.

List of Cemara Lawang’s Hotel:

  • Bromo Cottages. Tosari, Pasuruan (Telp: 0335-515253) Bromo Permai Hotel. Jl Raya Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-23459, 541049, 541021)
  • Bromo View Hotel. Jl. Bromo km 5 Triwing Kidul,Kademangan (Telp: 0335-427222, 434000, 436000) Cafe Lava Hotel. Cemorolawang, Ngadisari, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-541020/541009)
  • Cemara Indah Hotel. Cemorolawang, Ngadisari, Probolinggo. (Telp: 0335-541019)
  • Grand Bromo Hotel (sebelumnya bernama Hotel Raya Bromo). Desa Sukapura, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-581103)
  • Java Banana Bromo Hotel. Jl Raya Bromo, Wonotoro, Sukapura, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-541193)
  • Lava-Lava Hotel. Jl. Bromo km 5-6 Probolinggo Sukapurai, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-437888)
  • Lava View Lodge Hotel. Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari, Probolinggo. (Telp: 0335-541009) Moro Nyoto Hotel. Jl. Raya Bromo KM 5 Probolinggo (Telp: – )
  • Nadia Hotel. Sukapura, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-581095) Oecik Tengger Hotel. Desa Wonotoro, Ngadisari, Probolinggo (Telp: 335-541014/428306 Fax: 0335-431491)
  • Raya Bromo Hotel. Sukapura, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-581108, 581105)
  • Sang Dimur Hotel. Desa Ngepung, Sukapura, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-581193)
  • Setia Kawan Losmen. (Telp: 08123460471)
  • Sion View Hotel. Ngadisari, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-541124) Sukapura Permai Hotel. Sukapura, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-561067
  • Yoschi’s Hotel. Ngadisari, Probolinggo (Telp: 0335-541018)
  • Wisma Yog. Ngadisari, Probolinggo (Telp: 081234906286)